Ashgill Stables is part of the historic Tupgill Estate, at Coverham on the outskirts of Middleham.

The quiet surroundings are ideal for the horses to relax and enjoy themselves. Estate owner Colin Armstrong has invested time and expense over recent years renovating the estate and part of this work has been to develop Ashgill Stables into a modern, purpose-built 25-box yard. Andy’s success as a racehorse trainer led to the construction of seven more boxes.

In 2002, Andy began training in his own right at Oakwood Stables in Middleham town centre before moving his team to Ashgill Stables in July that year. Situated just outside Middleham, the yard is ideally placed for both the Low Moor gallop and the High Moor gallop.

The facilities available in and around Ashgill Stables enable Andy to have his horses at peak fitness for their racecourse appearances.

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